SF21 – New b-sides & bonus material CD

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing a CD of all the remixes, b-sides and bonus material from the “Is Love Enough?” album that hasn’t yet been released on the format.

The CD will be released on 11th June and will be presented in a card wallet (so that it can be easily stored when it is folded into the deluxe CD edition of “Is Love Enough?”)
1) Deeper Love (feat.Paul Weller) [OPOLOPORemix]
2) The Light in Us (feat.Laville) [Boogie Back Soul Weekender Remix]
3) Deeper Love (feat. Paul Weller) [Boogie Back Late Night Jazz Funk Remix]
4) Changes (Radio Session)
5) Deeper Love (Radio Session)
6) Help Me (Radio Session)
7) Hold On To Love (Radio Session)
8 ) Deeper Love (feat. Paul Weller) [7″ Mix]
9) Love’s Getting Deeper [Good Vibes Mix]

Order now: https://store.stonefoundation.co.uk/
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